Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • “Someone kidnapped my sweet, agreeable baby and replaced her with a tenacious toddler - what do I do?”

  • “I feel like I’m constantly fighting with my four year old and everything is a power struggle and a negotiation.”

  • “How do I stop nagging my child to get ready in the morning?”

Parenting is hard, in part because children are are wonderfully dynamic human beings, and in part because there really is no one right way to do things.  As a parent coach, my goal is to help you navigate the challenges of raising children in a way that is based in early childhood development research, but feels authentic, approachable, and tailored to your family.

What is Parent Coaching? How is it different from Family Therapy?

Therapy often uses diagnoses and tends to be a longer-term undertaking as you address issues and events in your past, whereas parent coaching focuses on the present and the future as you develop the skills you need to effectively parent your child. Parent coaching does not provide diagnoses; it is solutions-focused and seeks to help you meet your child where they are, regardless of formal diagnosis

I use research-based strategies to help you:

  • Understand your child’s development and how it relates to problematic behaviors

  • Support your children’s positive behavior

  • Set clear and convincing limits

  • Communicate effectively (what to say and what to listen for)

  • Establish household routines and make transitions easier

  • Proactively problem-solve with your child

  • Fine tune and add to the tools in your parenting toolkit so you feel more confident in your parenting journey

How does it work?

If you'd like to meet to individually to discuss your situation, I'd love to listen, commiserate, and plan a path forward.  I am committed to making parent supports available for every family; please contact me to discuss pricing and financial assistance.

Upcoming Events

  • FREE Workshop- Montessori at Home

    • Monday, September 17th; 7:--8:30pm @ Gordon Ave. Library

    • We'll discuss how you can incorporate Montessori principles at home for your young child

  • Positive Discipline Parent Education Classes and Workshops

    • Intro to Positive Discipline Workshop (90 minutes or 2 hours)

    • Full Day Positive Discipline Workshop (8am-4pm)

    • Multi-week Parenting With Positive Discipline Classes (typically 6-8 weeks; 60-120 minute classes)

      Contact me to schedule a Positive Discipline event for your school or organization

Tell me more about these options…

It is my goal that you leave these events with a more connected, more peaceful family unit; and that you feel empowered to implement the Positive Discipline tools and strategies for years to come as your child grows and develops.

The multi-week class is designed for parents and caregivers of children up to the age of twelve. We will discuss what is developmentally typical behavior and misbehavior, and how we can change how we look at those behaviors as parents or caregivers. Topics include:

  • Being kind and firm

  • Inviting cooperation

  • Addressing the belief behind the behavior

  • Building connection before correction

  • Focusing on solutions

  • Handling tantrums

  • Implementing routine charts

  • Empowering vs. enabling

  • Viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn

...and more!

Check out for more info.