Individual Consultations

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • “Someone kidnapped my sweet, agreeable baby and replaced her with a tenacious toddler - what do I do?”

  • “I feel like I’m constantly fighting with my four year old and everything is a power struggle and a negotiation.”

  • “How do I stop nagging my child to get ready in the morning?”

If you are frustrated with your child’s behavior or your own response; if you want to parent differently but just don’t know how; if you want to get on the same page as your partner or another caregiver; if you’re just plain exhausted- I see you! As a parent coach, my goal is to help you navigate the challenges of raising children in a way that is research-based, but not clinical. My hope is that we can talk in a “real,” authentic way to craft an effective plan for your family that includes resources, guidance, and practical tools tailored to you and your family.

Group Classes

Introduction to Positive Discipline is a 1-2 hour interactive class covering basics like parenting styles, mindset, and practical tools.

Next class: Wednesday, June 26th 6:30-8:00pm @ University Montessori School

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Growing With Positive Discipline builds on the basic concepts discussed in the intro class and dives deeper into power struggles, rewards and consequences, and the belief behind the behavior.

Parenting With Positive Discipline: Understanding Your Child is a 6 week series that allows participants to build community and provide support as we use an interactive curriculum to explore Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline and learn about:

  • Being kind and firm

  • Inviting cooperation

  • Addressing the belief behind the behavior

  • Building connection before correction

  • Focusing on solutions

  • Handling tantrums

  • Implementing routine charts

  • Empowering vs. enabling

  • Viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn

...and more!

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Custom Classes or Workshops

Are you looking for a specific class for your school, community group, or other organization? Contact me and we can design a class just for you, whether you want to discuss toilet training, sibling rivalry, household transitions, or another specific topic.