Parenting is hard, in part because children are wonderfully dynamic human beings, and in part because there really is no one right way to do things.

As a parent coach, my goal is to help you navigate the challenges of raising children in a way that is based in early childhood development research, but feels authentic, approachable, and tailored to your family.



Early Childhood Research Meets...


As someone who has been teaching for 10 years in a variety of private and public schools, and as a Montessori teacher deeply interested in early childhood education research, I can share the latest in terms of what's developmentally appropriate for kids of different ages, and what strategies are being used in a variety of settings to meet children where they are.

Real World Learnings...


That said, as someone who is a parent of 4 children under 5 (including twin infants), I know first hand that no amount of research findings can prepare you for the bewildering world of parenting.  I can share concrete and easy to remember methods for interacting with your children in ways that feel supportive, convincing, and effective.


Every night before I get my one hour of sleep, I have the same thought: ‘Well, that’s a wrap on another day of acting like I know what I’m doing.’ I wish I were exaggerating, but I’m not. Most of the time, I feel entirely unqualified to be a parent. I call these times being awake.
- Jim Gaffigan